N O . 1 A Z E L Ő Z Ő H Ó N A P B A N NO. 1 . N O . 1 A Z E L Ő Z Ő H Ó N A P B A N NO. 1 .
97.000 Ft/hó

Szondi utca

Budapest, VI. Kerület  25 m2, 1 szoba
Wirtschafter Akos, +36/30-290 Mutasd


The bright and shiny apartment comlex has 3 separated rooms. We offer for rent 3 rooms which has one common (shared) bathroom and kitchen and a 2nd toilet, he 4th room has private bathroom and kitchen, its a private apartment. The room with corridor view 96900 huf. the room with private balcony 129.200 huf. the room with street view but without balcony 113.000 huf. The 3 rooms creates perfect choice for circle of friends who wants to live together (cost sharing) but also enjoy the full privacy of the 3 completely separated entrances. The 3 rooms are connected by the corridor, which includes the kitchen as well. There is a bathrooms with shower ,washer and toilet, and a second separated toilet. Renovated according to the highest standards (WHITE FIREPLACE WITH ELECTRIC FIRE gives you the warm, partly). The 3 rooms having a double bed, a TV sofa (also foldable if you have guests sleeping there), a white fireplace with electric fire, a big flat screen TV, a table desk for work or study. The building has a new modern elevator. The heating system is electric (it was not a selection in the list so we write down here), the common cost is paid inside the rental fee. Excellent location, next to Budapest Heroes square and Andrassy Boulevard. Superb accessibility to metro line . Parking: we have good connection to a nearby parking house where we can offer monthly places for 20.000 huf a month only in a close garage. The green and welcoming City Park area is the best Park in the city. This Diplomatic neighborhood is full of cute cafés, bars and restaurants. In the near you can find an ATM machine, exchange, and next to the street a supermarket too. Important to highlight: the apartments are fully furnished and equipped with machines, also the kitchen is fully equipped, even the bed linens are there as well. you can move in right now. Offer until availability.

Környék: Andrássy út, Dunához közel, Nagykörútról nyíló utca, Nyugati Tér, Városliget
Közlekedés: Kis földalatti, Metro 3 kék
Környék egyéb: Hősök tere Egyetem közeli:
Bhaktivedanta Hittudományi Főiskola - BKTF ( 1.322 km )
Baptista Teológiai Akadémia - BTA ( 0.488 km )
Heller Farkas Gazdasági és Turisztikai Szolgáltatások Főiskolája - HFF ( 1.467 km )
Harsányi János Főiskola - HJF ( 1.960 km )
Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem - LFZE ( 1.569 km )
McDaniel College - MCDC ( 1.394 km )
Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem - MKE ( 1.071 km )
Magyar Táncművészeti Főiskola - MTF ( 1.443 km )
Szent István Egyetem - SZIE ÁOTK ( 1.397 km )
Szent István Egyetem - SZIE-YMÉK ( 1.719 km )

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