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Life as an expat - there is a fine line between adventure and pointless struggle. Is it going to be the time of your life, or a series of countless little frustrations and battles? Our professionals will make your stay in Hungary free of the hassles of relocation, providing you with accessible, personalized, round-the-clock assistance and advice.  


Our professionals are specialized in solving everyday problems facing foreigners by providing them with personal assistance on an hourly basis. We deal with all the paperwork you might come across when living or doing business in Hungary. We can help You get translations and proofreadings done, in addition to various innovative tasks for foreign businesses (e.g. market research, company set-up, business launch and back office services).

Getting settled
Neighborhood orientation
Shopping assistance Paperwork  

Personalized itineraries Key-holding

Household help

We provide services dedicated to all manner of bureaucracy and paperwork. Whether you are on a budget and looking to avoid unnecessary costs and worries, or you are simply too busy to work your way through the maze of bureaucracy, we are sure to have the right service package for you.  

Residence permit Insurance
Customs clearance
Driving license  

For owners living abroad
Holiday packages
Newcomer packages  

Work permit
Tax ID
Social security
Setting up a company  

A unique package we can provide is a personalized assistance for you to research the market before you decide on a strategy, mapping out your competition and network of potential partners, setting up your company and bank account, finding and setting up an office, and providing ongoing support as long as you need it.


Feel free to contact us 7 days of the week.